A list of suggested items we find make a perfect home for your guest


1 duvet and 2nd duvet cover (one for backup) per bed
2 sets of linen per bed (flat sheet, stretch sheet, mattress protector)
2 pillows per guest (pillow protector suggested)
2 sets of pillow cases per pillow
15 hangers per bedroom (min)
Laundry bins or storage for extra linen
Night tables with light
Ironing board and Iron  


Hand soap/dispenser
Bathroom hooks or somewhere to hang towels
Hair dryer
2-4 Full towels per guest
2-4 Hand towels per guest
Bath rug


Oven mitts and Tray
Tea kettle
Salt and pepper, sugar
High quality knife and cutting board
Basic utensils + disposable utensils
2- 4 bowls (based on number of guests allowed would suggest a few extra)
Kitchen cloth
High quality plates and cups, stack of paper plates and cups (based on number of guests allowed in unit. More suggested if possible)
Two frying pans, two pots, oven tray, blender
Garbage bin


Wireless Internet and cable or Netflix (Easier to use and maintain)
Air Filter (Usually building management can provide new ones)
Check Washroom Ceiling filter
Check Laundry dryer filter (usually in ceiling)
Ensure appliances are working


Hand soap/dispenser
Toothpaste/toothbrushes (Optional)
Lots of Toilet paper
Lots of paper towel
Good quality microfiber cloths
Odour neutralizing spray(Febreze)
Broom and dust brush
Vacuum (have dual handheld option as well for sofas)
Mop and mop bucket/ Swiffer and Swiffer sheets (Depending on size of unit)
Metal sponge/sponges
Bleach cleaner
Laundry Detergent
Dryer Sheets


Stool/Step ladder for cleaners to reach high places
Squeegee for windows/shower
Extra batteries and light bulbs if applicable
Ashtray (optional)
Labels for light switches or on anything a normal guest would be confused about Lockbox for keys (If applicable)
Extra or bigger garbage bins(For houses)